Sarah_Larry's_groupAccomplished Sessions Violinist/Violist, Vocalist, Songwriter –
Sarah Hubbard

An electrifying multi-genre instrumentalist and singer, Sarah is currently performing with the Denver based hip hop and rock band, The Flobots, on their Your Life Matters tour.

Experienced across musical genres, Sarah performed frequently in venues ranging from orchestral at Boston Symphony Hall, and bluegrass at MassMoca’s Fresh Grass festival, to celtic at  Burren (Boston) and Jalopy Theatre (NYC), and jazz at the 2016 New Orleans Jazz Festival, Green River Festival, and the Iron Horse with Charles Neville.  

Featured performer for D&G Music in North Carolina (2014 and 2015), recipient of 2015 Sam Eisenson Award for Country Music, and the 2012 Daniel Pearl Memorial Violin from Mark O’Connor, Sarah is an accomplished solo, ensemble and session musician.

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